About us

Our Mission

To improve the daily eating habits in developing countries in a sustainable way.

Our Vision

Poverty leads to malnutrition and thus to a delay in the development of children. To combat poverty, the problem of malnutrition must be tackled.

The Green Food Foundation strives to sustainably improve the daily eating habits of children and adolescents in developing countries by means of a scientifically and practically founded approach.

Because every child has the right to grow up under good conditions and to develop into a healthy human being. So that we can work together towards a sustainable world.

The challenge

Children in developing countries are often malnourished

Lack of the right nutrition (malnutrition) leads to a physical and mental growth retardation in children, as a result of which these children have fewer chances to develop into a healthy and balanced person.

This creates a disadvantage for their later social life, resulting in a vicious circle of poverty.

Improving the dietary pattern is therefore desperately needed.


Opportunity for children to develop well

A good nutritional status gives children the chance to develop into a healthy person.

Minor changes at a young age can already have major positive consequences for the further development of a child. Improving the nutritional status is therefore one of the most effective forms of development aid.

Green Food Foundation Kenia

Why we do this

Every child has the right to a good development

Realising every child’s right to good development contributes to the creation of a healthy, prosperous and sustainable society.


Leo Verzijl MBA
Founder and Chairman

Entrepreneur and business strategist with a master’s degree in business administration. He gained experience in holistic development aid as a volunteer after his career in business.

Pieter van Osta

Mr. Pieter van Osta

As a juvenile court judge Pieter has had a lot to do with children in problematic upbringing situations.

Peter Vis MSc

Lecturer in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the Nutrition and Dietetics programme at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. With a background in accountancy and the financial sector, he has a passion for numbers, but is much more interested in the world behind them.

Pauline Appelboom MSc
Member of the board

Graduated as a medical doctor, lifestyle coach and health scientist, with a Master’s degree in Nutrition & Health. She’s a passionate about creating healthy and delicious plant-based dishes and has earned a diploma in plant-based culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu.


Sofieke de Jonge

Dr. Sofieke de Jonge
Member of the board

Technical physician and scientist at the Amsterdam UMC. Specialized in gastrointestinal MRI for diagnosing and monitoring patients with bowel motility disorders. She has a special interest in promoting food for health.

Ilse Westerbeek

Dr. Ilse Westerbeek
Member of the board

Pediatrician at the hospital Amstelland. Ilse is experienced in developing countries and she is involved in the missions of Medical Checks for Children (MCC).

All board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their efforts.