About us

Our Vision

Every child has the right to grow up in good circumstances. To develop and grow up into a healthy person. 

We cannot solve poverty without solving malnutrition. Improving nutrition is one of the most effective forms of development aid.

Our Mission

Evidence and practise based sustainable improvement of daily eating habits in developing countries.


Leo Verzijl

Leo Verzijl MBA
Founder and Chairman

Entrepreneur and business strategist with a master’s degree in business administration. Leo has a special interest in helping the most innocent and vulnerable people. He gained experience in holistic development aid as a volunteer after his career in business.

Pieter van Osta

Mr. Pieter van Osta

As a juvenile court judge Pieter has had a lot to do with children in problematic upbringing situations.

Laurence Brouwer

Laurence Brouwer MSc

Laurence holds a Master’s in Finance and works as a policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, he advises NGOs in developing countries on improving their finance department as a volunteer.

Sofieke de Jonge

Dr. Sofieke de Jonge
Member of the board

Technical physician and scientist at the Amsterdam UMC. Specialized in gastrointestinal MRI for diagnosing and monitoring patients with bowel motility disorders. She has a special interest in promoting food for health.

Sarai pannekoek

Saraï Pannekoek MSc
Member of the board

Experienced dietician and epedimiologist. Specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, behavioral change and shamanism. Master in evidence based practise.

Ilse Westerbeek

Dr. Ilse Westerbeek
Member of the board

Pediatrician at the hospital Amstelland. Ilse is experienced in developing countries and she is involved in the missions of Medical Checks for Children (MCC).

All board members are volunteers.