Last month two of our nutritionists traveled to Kenya in order to collect anthropometric data of children attending the Victoria Friendly Montessori school.

This project is a collaboration between The Green Food Foundation and Victoria Friendly Montessori, supported by Stichting Femi.

Victoria Friendly Montessori is a community-led organization located on Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya. The organization was founded in 2014 with the aim to meet the unmet needs of unprivileged children living on Rusinga Island. These children lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS, malaria and other deadly diseases, making these children vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and undernourishment.

During ten days, data on anthropometric measurements, blood samples to determine the hemoglobin levels and the nutritional value of the currently provided meals were collected. Alongside that, data in order to map the food environment of the VFM community was collected.

The Green Food Foundation will provide a description of the nutritional status of the children in the Victoria Friendly Montessori school, together with advice on adopting strategies to improve the nutritional status of these children. Therefore, we embrace the Train-The-Trainer principle, meaning that the GFF nutritionists not only provide advice yet also train potential local instructors of VFM during their visit and after. This way, the Green Food Foundation aims to ensure a sustainable knowledge transfer.